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What does it mean to be a FIBA & HBF ENDORSED EVENT

  • It is an evaluated fiba endorsed event to be an official event for the “Hellas National Tour”, and at the same time it will also be an event for the world class category “Quest” that will qualify teams for the “World Tour”, where athletes from around the world so they can collect points to move up the global ranking list
  • Organized with official FIBA 3X3 event equipment: floors – basketballs – electronic timers / boards.
  • The event meets FIBA & HBF specifications
  • It will gather the top 3X3 athletes from Greece but also many from abroad.
  • Both HBF and FIBA will have the event on their website and promote it to the 3X3 audience worldwide.
  • It will attract a lot of kids & spectators to participate as athletes and watch it